Highest Risk Oviform CIPP Worldwide

Chris Meredith
Principal and Owner Kembla Watertech

Trenchless Australasia – Jan 2013

A risky cure: Kembla Watertech & Sydney Water’s ASTT Award-winning project

In 2009, Sydney Water contracted Kembla Watertech to rehabilitate a 67 m length of 990 x 660 mm oviform sewer main in Victoria Street. Crews worked in adverse weather conditions, great sewer depths, and close proximity to medium density residential areas, hostels, hotels and restaurants to complete what was considered to be one of the highest risk installations conducted worldwide, due to the depths and thickness of the liner.

Victoria Street in Darlinghurst is the second busiest road in Kings Cross, and runs parallel to Darlinghurst Road, Sydney’s Mecca of nightclubs, restaurants, hostels, and adult entertainment premises.

In 2009, as part of a larger work program, Sydney Water contracted Kembla Watertech to rehabilitate a sewer originally constructed over 100 years ago. Access chambers at the downstream and upstream ends of the project were both greater than 22 m in depth.

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