Flusher II

The way forward to a reliable and cost effective Sewer Networks Performance

The FlusherII is a passive gate device for controlling and maximizing hydraulic glow in sewers.

This unique patented flush generating flap valve is designed to clean and maintain drains & sewers;

By storing and then suddenly releasing the natural flow present in drains & sewers; it generates a repetitious energized hydraulic flush of effluent energy, removing debris, silt, FOG and the like which can choke a conduits function.

The FLUSHER II can be either a permanent or temporary installation.

It is specifically designed to enhance the hydraulic performance of Drains & Sewers that suffer from blockages due to silt, debris, & FOG buildups.

Flusher II removes the need of jet cleaning programs;

  • No more pipe damage from pressurized jetting water
  • Reduced customer access requirement
  • Removal of Heavy Jetting Truck site footprints
  • Reduced Potable Water usage

Flusher II is a self contained ‘Push Fit’ device installed in a maintenance chamber  and is fully operational;

  • Made from Stainless Steel for Longevity
  • Permanent or Temporary installations
  • Requires no power
  • Can be easily relocated
  • Quick to install with instant operation
  • Minor Chamber adjustment
  • Inherently fail safe during storms as built in over flow
  • Telemetry/Data Logger available

Intelligently designed this simple, user-friendly mechanism is ’Pushed Fit’ into position and then sealed at the D/s MH face. This installation flexibility allows configuration changes as it can be a permanent or temporary installation.

Requires No Power, Removes Jetting Cost and leaves No Carbon Footprint. 

FLUSHER II delivers:

  • Cost Savings; expect a minimum of 71% cost saving over a two year period when compared to a quarterly cleaning program
  • Less customer complaints; access to residential properties is a one off, not quarterly repetitive
  • No asset damage due to high pressure water jetting activities
  • No Carbon Footprint – No power required to operate
  • Increased conduit serviceability due to Silt, Debris & FOG removal
  • Less surcharge risks due to overflow stack
  • Minimal Site Foot print – only one site visit to MH


  • Competitively Priced
  • Made in Australia
  • Interchangeable & fast to install
  • Available with Telemetry
Flusher2 sewer

Aussie Trenchless is the exclusive supplier of FLUSHER II. Contact Us for further information.