Consulting Services

Consulting Services include:

  • Technical Advice

    In depth trenchless knowledge in pipeline assessment, preparation, & rehabilitation techniques for gravity & pressure mains are available & can be drawn upon.

  • Product Selection

    It is important to use the right tool to fix a problem!

    “You don’t hit a nail with a screw driver”

    Product selection is very important in achieving a value for money solution that is fit for purpose; therefore a wide knowledge is needed on all preparation & rehabilitation techniques the market is offering.

  • Field Support

    Given the many years of experience starting, growing and leading one of the premiere trenchless contracting businesses in Australasia there is available a strong broad base of trenchless field knowledge for contracting practitioners & Water Industry Clients to utilize.

  • Process Improvement

    “Listen to Henry Ford”

    The best pathway to achieve process improvement is to continuously challenge the existing steps within a process by brainstorming the issues, isolating the problem/effect, analyzing the main causes of the problem/effect & detailing the factors behind the main causes.

    There are certain tools & techniques that will assist in this process to achieve quick wins; it starts with process mapping, process flow chart, brainstorming, cause & effect diagrams, activity measurement, & force field analysis to achieve the best outcomes leading to increase productivity & higher profits.

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