Product & Equipment Supply


Hot Sleeve - Trenchless Spot Repair

The electric blanket for the trenchless spot repair or junction sealing industry.

Hot Sleeve Overview

HOT SLEEVE reduces resin curing times by over two thirds. Read More



HYDRAPULSE™ reduces the likelihood of blockages and need for costly maintenance.

Hydrapulse by Aussie Trenchless

Automatically maintaining the cleanliness of sewer systems through hands off sewer maintenance. Read More

SRP-EXP Spiral Ribbed Pipe

Aussie Spiral

A “close fitting”, structural spiral ribbed PVC trenchless pipe lining system.

SRP Spiral Overview

SRP-EXP System is the perfect Rehabilitation Solution for circular sewer and storm water gravity mains. Read More

PST Man Entry Lining System

PST is a nimble segmental lining system that is easy to use, fast to implement and suitable for all shapes.

PST Sewer Man Entry Lining
PST has a smooth internal surface that provides excellent hydraulic performance and it is also transparent to mitigate poor grouting risk. It can also be reinforced to make it suitable for any live load or depth challenge. Read More

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