HydraPulse Flusher Gate Australia and New Zealand

The HYDRAPULSE™ Flusher Gate is ideal for existing sewer systems that require regular cleaning.  This includes sewers with silting issues typically caused by relatively low flows and low gradients. In short, HYDRAPULSE™ is primarily designed to automatically keep all sizes of silting low grade pipes clean.

Watch an overview:

Watch an actual installation:

Hydrapulse Flusher Gate
HYDRAPULSE overhead view

HYDRAPULSE™ is a low maintenance passive device that is installed in-situ. When the gate is in the closed position, effluent levels build until a sufficient head pressure causes the gates to open creating a down (and up) stream flush.  This process minimises the need for other forms of cleaning as any stagnate solids are typically flushed away.

Key points include:

  • Maintains cleanliness in sewer systems after jetting, and dramatically reduces the need to re-jet;
  • Reduces the likelihood of blockages, including fat oil and grease build up;
  • Operates with minimal maintenance requirements and can include remote monitoring; and
  • Accommodates storm conditions through ‘fail safe’ design.

The HYDRAPULSE™ has been expertly designed and includes an overflow route during storm conditions, anti-snag features, and advanced materials and seal technology to ensure high reliability and ease of maintenance. Hydra Pulse Sensor

It also comes with an optional data logger and telemetry module which uses a sensor to record gate activations, and allows continuous and remote gate monitoring.



The HYDRAPULSE™ Flusher Gate is developed by Tellus Utilities:

Tellus Utilities

and exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Aussie Trenchless. To order, learn more or for the PDF version of the HYDRAPULSE™ Brochure please Contact Us.

You can view the brochure below and watch the gate in action:

Aussie HYDRAPULSE Brochure

The HYDRAPULSE™ in action: